Jenuine Art

Jenuine Art is the creative collection of artworks by Jenny Lynn Lorene Barker.

Jenuine provides face painting at parties and festivals, original artworks, graphic design, and custom clothing/costume tailoring. To request a quote, please Contact Jenuine.

Vessel for the Seed of a New Beginning, Jenuine, 2011

Revealing Unity

Jenuine creates mystical visions of the human form and cross-cultural symbols harmonizing with nature to reveal the unity in all existence.


I am devoted to developing the Communication Age into the Co-Creation Age so that we may experience global symbiosis. By sharing my enchanting visions, I hope to create peace, spaciousness, & self-reflection, inspiring personal exploration and transformation. We all have a unique offering to share with the planet. Jenuine Art is my offering.


My mission is to be genuine in all I think, say and do, finding unity in my transparency to you. I am simply here to walk in beauty - the pathway to living in harmony with all. Flowing along as the seasons revolve, the universe lives me to experience, respond, evolve.


My paintings and illustrations are bright and colorful compositions that pop with movement and play. I strive to create portraits and landscapes that welcome the viewer to contemplate the emotion of color, feel the peace of negative space, and breathe in the rhythm of form. I love to paint animals, people, spiritual symbols, and bio-morphic forms, braiding them into the interwoven tapestry of life. By sharing visions of humans in harmony with nature, and nature harmonizing humans, I hope to inspire a consciousness shift in my viewers that allows them to relax into the present moment. My greatest artistic inspirations include Hafiz, Mucha, Georgia O'Keefe, Salvador Dali, Alex Grey, Martina Hoffman, Robert Venosa, Oliver Vernon, Clay Chollar, JAH Ishka Lha, Autumn Skye, and Banksy. 

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